The area is subdivided into three zones according to differing degrees of protection: "C" is for partial reserve areas, "B" is for general reserve areas, and zone "A" is for entire reserve areas.
In the first two, one may sail freely, drop anchor from boats (except between the islands and dry land), go swimming and fishing using a fishing rod, while diving is regulated.
In zone "A", swimming is allowed in designated areas only and guided tours are available for visiting Lachea Island. With diving schools and the diving centre, working within the AMP, those who love the undersea world have the chance to visit a sea environment of incomparable beauty, to discover the fish fauna and the marvellous archaeological finds which are preserved beneath the waves.
There is even, aside from diving, the possibility to set sail on a daily coastline mini-cruise, with brief stops along the way to allow for a refreshing dip in the waters or even to participate in a real old-fashioned fishing expedition, devised for those who wish to feel the emotions of an ancient way of life amongst the arts and traditions of the Riviera dei Ciclopi.