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Ostello Bellavista - Welcome to Italy


The day in the hostel begins with changing colors on the horizon or the blue one that it is invested by light of the indigo and the pink one. The sun transforms from a slice of orange to a red hot disk, devoting early thousand reflexes to the guests on the sea. The rooms are endowed with bath and air conditioned and all you have seen panning on the sea, giving to the visitors the privilege to enjoy to taste the breakfast with e panoramic and unique sight on the Ogliastra, enchanting region on the oriental coast of Sardinia.
Your privilege will be to taste the breakfast with a panoramic sight on the harbour of Saint Maria Navarrese and on the Ogliastra island, inhabited exclusively from gulls and sea crows. The wakes of the motorboats, the sails of the boats explained to the horizon will be the magic scenery of the lunch in the comfortable room restaurant.
You will find an angle of Sardinia the kitchen and the genuiness of ancient traditions it melted between sea and mountain, where the table companion have the sacred respect since the night of the times. The facility in to organize trips and excursions will bring you to choose among a very articulated fan of proposals. The lighthouse, the moon and their timid reflexes, the light of the elegant boats and the fishingboats, will certainly give the correct emotional prize to the sweet work that you will have chosen for spending your day and, that have preferred an adventurous excursion or a relaxant day in the underlying beach, they won't miss the fresh sea breeze and the perfume of the myrtle to accompany your dreams.