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Geophysic Observatory (Village of Sentinella) - Earthquake measuring instruments including a seismic bath created by scientist Guilio Grablovitz in 19th century.
Pizza Marina - Economic and social center of the Borough. Monument to the Fallen and a statue of King Victor Emanuel II, plaque dedicated to the memory of Henry Ibsen Norwegian writer who wrote Peer Gynt here.
Parich Churcu of Saint Maria Maddalena - Built in 1896 by parish priest Giuseppe Morgera in which he is buried. High altar built in 1600. Statue of the Madonna given to the church by Francesco II of Bourbon.
Pio Monte della Misericordia - Built in 1895 to replace a 1600 building destroyed in the 1883 earthquake, it is now being restored.
Chiesa della Piet - lnteresting painting by Andrea Vaccaro 1635- 1640.