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Baia di Trainiti - Welcome to Italy


The Baia di Trainiti at the seaside is situated on one of the most beautiful beaches of Calabria, on the Tyrrhenian coast, where the Capo Vaticano begins and the luxuriant Piano di Lamezia ends.

Thanks to several extraordinary positive factors the Trainiti coast enjoys a very white sandy beach and a transparent sea bottom that gradually gets deeper, thus allowing even the less able swimmers to bathe tranquilly.

As far as the landscape is concerned, the Baia di Trainiti offers one of the most extraordinary views: the Eolie Islands in front, the Monte Reventino and Pre- Sila in the north, the point of Capo Peloro in Sicily and all the incomparable craps of Capo Vaticano in the south.

In the east there is the mountainous complex of the Serre.

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