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Manual massotherapy
Draining massage Reducing Massages Remodelling massage
Firming massage Anti-stress massage Bioenergetic massage
Oriental Massage Lynphodraining Chinese massage
Hydromassage Vodder lymphodrainage Plantar reflexology
Chocolate massage Milk and honey massage Grapes massage
Energetical massage with crystals Hot Stone massage Relaxing massage
Therapeutic massage Connectival massage Crane-sacral massage
Myofascial massage Holistic massage Tonic massage
Ayurvedic massage Reiki massage Shiatsu massage
Wai Thai massage Watsu massage

Tub hydromassages - Balneotherapy
Others With aromas and/or essential oils Relaxing
Regenerative Invigorating Draining
Hydrating Decongestant Exfoliative
Aromatised Jacuzzis Salt bath Algae bath
Milk bath Soft Pak Herbal bath
Saline steam bath Hay steam bath Herbal steam bath
Bach flower therapy Rose petal bath Oenothera (evening primrose) oil bath
Fossil oil bath Bath with apple extracts Cleopatra bath
Hay bath Thermal bath Bath therapy
Filiform shower

Others Dietology Aromatherapy
Iridotherapy Chromotherapy Music therapy
Inhalations Mud Therapy Anti-cellulous treatment
Motor rehabilitation Nebulation Phytotherapy
Colon irrigation therapy Thalassotherapy Reiki
Kinesitherapy Cellulo-therapy Pressuretherapy
Acupuncture Antalgic Aroma massage
Chocolate therapy Crystal therapy Water cure
Inhalation cure Thermal cure Scottish thermal shower
Heliotherapy Physiokinesitherapy Frigidarium
Gommage Steam grotto Hot Stone therapy
Humage Hydrokinetherapy Ionophoresis
Mesotherapy Oxygen therapy Ozone therapy
Kneipp therapy Postural gymnastics Thepidarium

Special treatment
Others Legs Breast
Buttocks Abdomen Wraps
Slimming wraps Depilation Manicure
Pedicure Body peeling Body peeling with Dead Sea salts
Remise en forme Body Scrub Anti-age treatment

Facial programme
Others Anti-wrinkle Anti-ageing
Hydration Re-balancing Facial blotches
Acne Massage Personalised program
Wrinkle filler Anti-redness mask Rejuvenating massage
Deep cleansing

Medical check-up
Mudpack Others Aesthetic

Special gymnastic programmes
Electrocardiogram Others With personal trainer
and/or in a group In the gym In the swimming pool